The Gift of Life…

30 January 2020… Life is a gift and when you are given a present, it is something for the most part that is treasured. Looking after your health is something like looking after presents, but health generally takes a back seat as everyone is busy and downtime is something that is frowned upon in this frantic, fast environment we all live in… I mention the above as a gentle nudge to everyone who experiences symptoms of ill health, do not ignore as I did because of workload and then find that one is on a possible cliff edge with health. Go to the GP and get checked out, ignore your own mind telling “it’s ok, the pain will go away” mine didn’t and that led to the summer in bed. Spending 5 weeks in Prince Philip Hospital during June and July is not the best way to spend the summer but it was important that I had my heart checked and treated. I am glad to report that the open heart surgery was a success and I am now going through the recovery stage well. Thanks to all the dedicated nursing staff at Prince Philip Hospital and Morriston Hospital for their care and support through my time in hospital. It is also important to acknowledge the support and care that the hospital professionals provide, tomorrow there is a reception to celebrate the anniversary of the Acute Coronary Syndrome unit in Ward 4 at Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli. I spent 5 weeks in this unit and along with another long term patient we have been invited along to celebrate the anniversary. A reunion of staff and patients, should be great to see familiar faces again…

Published by Councillor Philip Warlow

Community Councillor, Grandfather, survivor of Aortic Valve Replacement

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