Change the Hat…

11 February 2020… Blustery day today, heavy showers and cold… This is a date that will never go from my memory, wedding anniversary, 42 years today, how did I get to this point? Well it hasn’t been without its hurdles and challenges, not many jobs during that time, redundancy has played a part but as one door closed another seemed to open instantly. Steel Industry, Offshore Oil Industry, Shipbuilding in Belfast, followed by teaching staff to fix computers over the telephone, at £1.00 per minute. It has had its variety, ups and downs along the way but I have weathered the storms bravely and survived everything thrown at me. Come 21 June 2019, 41 years later I was told my heart had a problem and needed fixing, another challenge for me but I approached that in the same manner and here I am today tapping away at the keyboard looking forward to a future I might not have had. My memories of being transported to work in helicopters, ferries, boats and trains will never go away, but the biggest memory to date is being wheeled into theatre and coming out the other side… fast asleep but ready to move on… Below are the two biggest projects I worked on… great times…

Published by Councillor Philip Warlow

Community Councillor, Grandfather, survivor of Aortic Valve Replacement

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