It’s Good to Share…

20 March 2020… End of a difficult week for most people, the virus has altered so many of the population’s lives and the outlook is just as gloomy,  difficult to put an end date to all this upheaval. Great start to Friday for myself, ventured out for my daily hour at 8:00 am with the intention of collecting my medication from the Superdrug pharmacy, spoke to them on Monday and they confirmed that they were collecting the prescription, today is Friday and lo and behold they had not even picked up the prescription, I got the feeling that the pharmacist did not even care…after a few choice words I decided to walk and collect the prescriptions myself…Took them to Boots across the road and voila my medication…Really did not make my Friday start well… the antidote to my disappointment was to come home and take my wee mate Alfie out for a walk… lovely stroll in the sunshine with Alfie, he sniffed and watered every tree, post and blade of grass and his tail wagged throughout… At home now and far away from the panic buyers, hoarders and selfish individuals that walk the aisles of the supermarkets!!!

Share and Share Alike…

Published by Councillor Philip Warlow

Community Councillor, Grandfather, survivor of Aortic Valve Replacement

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