You Know it Makes Sense…

22 March 2020… Today will go down in history as the Mother’s Day that did not happen… Sons, daughters and grandchildren will not be able to visit mums on this special day… I do not think for a minute that everyone will adhere to the advice, that is evident by those that are travelling to remote areas and the many that are going about as if everything is fine and dandy… To you people… it is not safe and you are putting at risk the lives of thousands… With my wife being one of the key workers and on shift until Monday at 3:30pm today will be spent with my loyal wee man Alfie, Charlie the cat will be here and there, music through Alexa will be on to see the day through… By what I have seen on television and social media many are ignoring the advice of staying at home or ensuring that social distancing is being practiced…We are all in this together, please think of others and make decisions that allows protection to the many… Avoid the crowds…

Less crowds means less deaths…

Published by Councillor Philip Warlow

Community Councillor, Grandfather, survivor of Aortic Valve Replacement

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