A Change Has Come…

15 April 2020… Today it appears that this government has realised that social care for the elderly and all the other vulnerable classes does exist and has started to make provision for the thousands of dedicated care and support workers that put in many hours ensuring the quality of life for these individuals matters. Up until now the main group during this period has been the NHS and the work they do within the hospital wards and ICU where the many that have succumbed to this deadly virus have in a lot of cases sadly lost their lives without family to say goodbye, we salute them but there are other services that are also finding it difficult to cope. The number of organisations that provide round the clock care for the elderly, many suffering from dementia, the vulnerable adults, youngsters and children that have special needs and learning disabilities is really immense, some for profit and a large number of organisations are not for profit, but the staff employed are dedicated, empathetic and do their support role extremely well. These care and support workers are the mainstay of these organisations, ensuring that all aspects of community life and services are part of the path to independence and education for those being supported. The role of the care and support worker has never been a job for those looking for recognition, it is a job that can be at times extremely hard and frustrating, but perseverance, patience and the will to improve the quality of life of the service user are some of the qualities that provide the cornerstone of success. It may take some time, but that is a commodity that is in abundance. Without our care and support staff the world of the vulnerable in our society would be a really dark place, no care and support worker wants a medal, they do the role because they have the main qualities of aspiration, capability and dedication to improve the lives of individuals that require the hands on support to enrich their lives. The care and support staff do not want any applause but an acknowledgement of their role during this difficult time is reward enough.

Published by Councillor Philip Warlow

Community Councillor, Grandfather, survivor of Aortic Valve Replacement

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