A Change of Season…

21 February 2020… Friday has arrived and that is another week done, a week closer to my 67th birthday.  The time is flying by, March arrives next weekend, Spring is looming and with daylight hours getting longer nearly time to take off that Winter scowl and put on the Spring face.  My biggest obstacle at the moment is finding things to do, after having a very busy couple of years it is difficult to accept that things are never going to the same again. Do I retire now and do some voluntary work, do I go back to work for 16 hours a week, I am finding it extremely hard to make the decision. I have to listen to my body and it is telling me at the moment it is not quite the time so perhaps taking heed of what the chest, arms, legs and back is saying and staying as I am for the foreseeable future. Leisure Centre activity starts next week so that it something to look forward to, it will improve my fitness and lose some more weight. I can assure you that having this operation is a definitive way of dieting and losing weight. Appetite is gone and now I ensure that I have breakfast but meals during the rest of the day can be put aside, just need to eat enough at evening time to satisfy my medication as most is to be taken with or after food…I am not by the way advocating the operation as an alternative to dieting, it is just how it seems. Life will go on, the rain will continue to fall, floods will find it difficult to recede and householders affected will suffer for many more months trying to put a lifetimes work back to how it was… Life is never easy, and a struggle for many, but kindness is something that is lacking and if we all show a little benevolence and humanity to those that are suffering then the world will be a better place for all…

Published by Councillor Philip Warlow

Community Councillor, Grandfather, survivor of Aortic Valve Replacement

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