A Busy Day…

26 February 2020… Most days at the moment are full of boredom, if the weather is ok, take Alfie the dog out, spend an hour allowing him to sniff every lamppost, every tree and even every blade of grass then back home to the humdrum life of little or no physical activity. Today though was a day that was rather different, out of the door at 09:30 to the school where I am Chair of Governors for a shortlisting meeting, this meeting lasted over 2 hours and the time flew, a lovely change from some as they just seem to go on forever… Back home to change and off to the Leisure Centre for my first session of Stage 2 Cardiac Rehab. Somewhat different from the first course I completed, the exercises required a little more effort but I came through without any issue. Next session is on Monday and I am looking forward to it…At least today has proved to be an interesting day unlike the many days that have passed since they sliced me open, had a rummage, changed the valve and sewed me back up… Hopefully there will be more coming my way in the future…

Published by Councillor Philip Warlow

Community Councillor, Grandfather, survivor of Aortic Valve Replacement

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